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Customise And Tweak Your Facebook

Customise and tweak your Facebook

As the biggest, and one of the oldest social media platforms, Facebook is a powerful tool for connection. It’s always been user -friendly and with this comes lots of hacks and hints for a better experience. Here are some of our favourites to give you a head start….


  1. Block app invites and game requests:

Have you got a relative who won’t stop inviting you to Farmville? I have! You know who you are! If you can no longer take it, you can block the app invites from reaching you, and they will be none the wiser! Think I may have blown my cover, oops…

– Go to your settings > Blocking, then scroll to block app invites.

– Enter the name of the person who has an ‘invite’ trigger finger.

  1. Switch your news feed back to the ‘most recent view’:

This is actually how it used to be back in those early days of FB, remember!? The algorithms have changed how we view our social media feeds. You can go back to chronological order instead of seeing posts for the popularity or relevance. So, for a bit of nostalgia:

  •   On a desktop, go to the left sidebar and go to News Feed.
  •   Click the horizontal ellipsis (three dots)
  •   Then click most recent

I tried it for a few days, I have to say, I much prefer the magic of the algorithm!

  1.   You can see if you have left your account logged in somewhere:

Is it possible that you have logged into your account on a public computer or a friend’s laptop? You can see if someone is logged into your Facebook account without your permission.

  •   Go to your settings page
  •   Go to security and login and then click ‘Where you’re logged in’
  •   Here you will see your active Facebook logins and data will be provided on the location, browser and device. You can log out of anything that seems fishy!

I know first-hand about the apparently hilarious consequences of leaving the office, without logging out of your account!

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