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When creating a social media strategy, the first things we ascertain is the client’s specific objectives; exactly what they want social media to do for their business. To achieve this we must think outside the box.


Affirm the company as an Authority in its sector, social media is an exceptionally powerful tool for this.

Convey the personality of the brand, in a considered and strategic way. We ascertain what the ‘model demographic’ of the company is and we construct a brand personality to assimilate what the model demographic is and aspires to be. This dramatically improves brand advocacy; we all prefer to interact with people and businesses with whom we feel similar to.

Showcase personalities of the individuals that work within the company in such a way that your social media followers feel like they know the individuals who make up the team. The effect of this on the business is massive, as it moves the relationship into ‘friend zone’, which has a huge effect on the loyalty of your customer base.

Advertise products and services.

Keep your clients up to date with general information, such as changes in hours, any changes in business practices and everything else that’s going on in your world.



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Careful planning and continual monitoring

We will research your business, so that what we post will grab the attention of potential new clients. We will continuously monitor and analyse every aspect of your social media marketing campaign. To keep post reach and engagement to the max.

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Content designed to connect

We create content that is always engaging to your audience. We carefully and cleverly weave the information you wish to deliver in to the fabric of the copy. We are well practiced at getting the very most out of the individual personalities of every platform.

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Money makes the world go round

Whether your business is selling products or offering services we will help you generate more leads and sales and ultimately more revenue. We get results and we always ask our clients to judge us on the resulting revenue increases.

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Facebook is watching you

Facebook is watching you!

The amount of information Facebook stores on us is mind boggling. It is not only the world’s biggest gatherer of personal information, but also the world’s biggest buyer of information.

Facebooks detailed targeting is phenomenal! It is the pinnacle of marketing. We can pinpoint your exact model demographic and target them; when their guard is down – when they are in their safe-zone – their cosy little bubble – their Facebook newsfeed!  It really is so powerful.

We use the Facebook pixel, so we can re-target the people who have shown interest in the ad but not yet bought and even clone the people who have been most receptive and create a ‘look a like’ audience!

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