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Chloe – Social Media and Graphic Design Executive

Chloe’s background and training is in graphic design. She is an absolute ninja when it involves anything design or graphics based. She also has lots of experience in social media marketing. Chloe is the first to admit that the mobile phone changed her life (for the better and worse). When 13 years old, Chloe’s parents got a call from her mobile phone provider advising them unlimited texts did not actually mean unlimited texts. She sent 25, 000 text messages in one month! Then came social media! Then came her career (all based around the mobile phone). Then came becoming one of the best social media marketers and graphic designers around, looks like it all worked out okay!

Chloe loves: You guessed it, her phone! Her family and her make up collection.

Chloe hates: Data restrictions and missing out on absolutely any social event.


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