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The Mobile App Revolution Is Here

The mobile app revolution is here

From Giant corporations to small businesses, the right mobile app can make the world of difference.

Starbucks built a mobile app strategy that gave them a revenue increase of $621 million, Nivea sun saw a 62% increase in sales in Rio De Janeiro due to an app, IKEA built an augmented reality (AR) app that exceeded $35 billion in revenue. What do they all have in common?


How to make a successful app, whether your company is a David or a Goliath:

Starbucks built a mobile app strategy that gave them a revenue increase of $621 million, Nivea sun saw a 62% increase in sales in Rio De Janeiro due to an app that helped parents keep track of their children’s sun exposure. IKEA analysed market software for selling furniture and from this they build an augmented reality (AR) app that has had over 8.5 million downloads and have exceeded $35 billion in revenue.

What do they all have in common? They have combined technology with careful market research, and they’ve hit the jackpot. They have taken their business to the next level, generated more sales and increased revenue. Here’s our guide to creating a successful mobile app for small to medium business:

Every company has a shared vision and that is to be successful, this vision needs to be translated into clear goals and objectives. We have set out some common goals and objectives and how a mobile app can help achieve them:

Cut operational costs: They are an incredibly effective solution to increase operational efficiency by automating key business functions, such as booking and ordering.

Improve customer Loyalty: The benefits of loyalty reward schemes for businesses, in driving repeat business and creating loyal customers are known and loved by many businesses. Traditionally the only drawback is having to carry the damn card around. The mobile app is the spiritual home for loyalty schemes, they work like a dream.

Increase product sales: During the last two decades, E – commerce has changed the way in which we all spend our money. However, M – commerce (mobile – commerce) is now how most of us most frequently access the internet to spend money, mobile apps allow you to build your own marketplace. Allowing customers to buy items straight from their phone.


Generate more advocacy to your brand: A great app essentially turns clients into members of your club. They are the ultimate tool for increasing advocacy to your brand.


Improve your accessibility and visibility: With a mobile app, access to your business is one tap away 24/7.

Your logo as an app icon will be seen every single time they scroll through their menu and you know how many times a day we all do that!


Spread brand awareness: Your app should be a digital hub: From your app your clients are a tap away from your social media and website, which are the ultimate tools for building brand awareness

Increase client engagement: Well designed mobile apps are always developed with client interaction at the forefront; through targeted or proximity-based push notifications, galleries, events and news features as well as functions for your clients to engage with each other.


Widen your client base: We strongly recommend a ‘share’ feature being incorporated in your app, so your customers can share your app over sms, email, facebook and twitter.

Increase positive reviews: We have developed software which we incorporate into pretty much every app we develop; it allows you to take control of your online reputation and get your business to the top of search results by boosting reviews. We prompt app users to review your business and ensure the positive reviews get published online, while you get a chance to handle any negative ones.

We hope this has helped you understand how to make a successful app for your company and highlighted how necessary mobile apps have become for every company in every sector

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