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Modern Responsive Showcase Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics

Responsive web design is critical

The websites we build automatically respond to the platform being used. Whether it be a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Our sites look totally on – point, on all devices.

Visitors to your site must be engaged with what they see

Visitors to your site must be engaged with what they see.

We make sure the content engages your site’s visitors. We achieve this using our trademark layout and imagery techniques as well as through captivating copy. We offer a blogging service to further engage your visitors. Blogging works like nothing else to bring visitors to your site through social media. SEO also loves a blog.

Visitors to your site must be engaged with what they see
web design - its all about teamwork

It’s all about team work

We work as a team to create your website: Mike constructs the nuts and bolts of the site ensuring it performs like a well-oiled machine, Gareth takes care of the copy-writing and lead generating, while Chloe makes it look beautiful and the client is the critical fourth member of the team.

Our sites are completely user friendly and we aim to create an enjoyable experience for everyone who uses them.




The build process must begin with understanding your client’s needs.

The first thing we do is ensure we fully understand your business and what you aim to achieve from the website. We also make sure we totally get your market, competition and target audience. This whole process starts with a chat and usually several cups of coffee!

Image 5 homescreen

It is essential to truly capture the businesses unique persona

The design of a website always starts with the homepage, this sets the scene with regards to its personality and style. Once our team and the client are happy with that, then the rest of the site is crafted. We always design with all platforms in mind from the start, so the finished site will work equally well, whether it be on a smartphone, a tablet, a PC or a laptop.

Here is the homepage of Modern8 painters and decorators.  We designed this homepage to instantly convey the personality of the company and to appeal to their specific and defined model demographic.

The site is complete when the client is delighted

The site is complete when the client is delighted

A website is only complete we are all happy and crucially our client is delighted. We ask to be judged on the difference the site makes to your business. Andy Pool from Southwood Electrical attributes a 43% increase in turnover to the website we built for them. We ask to be thanked by reviews and recommendations!

The site is complete when the client is delighted


web design - aftercare that suits you

Content Management System

We can add a CMS to your website so that you have full control to update whatever and whenever you like. It is a really straight forward system and we offer full training and support.


Leave it to us

If you prefer we can do any changes you want for you. From changing your opening times to adding whole new pages.

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