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What To Expect When Launching Your First App

What To Expect When Launching Your First App

What to expect from the App store and google play store when you launch your first app:


As an intelligent entrepreneur, you have identified the need for your business to have a mobile app. You already know the two platforms you’ll hit, Android and iOS. We have done a comparison of both platforms to help you better prepare for publishing for your app….

App Store Vs Google Play:

Google Play and App Store are responsible for hosting the vast majority of apps that users have installed on their devices. But what are the real pros and cons:



Was purchased by Google in 2005, their focus is on mobile phones and tablets of all kinds. Android has its own market-place called Google Play. But do you know the difference between both platforms?


Benefits of Google Play: 

  •   Apps on Google Play are generally cheaper to buy than those on the Apple App Store.
  •   Android is a free operating system, meaning their apps can be installed on various devices.
  •   The biggest benefit we believe is that on an android device you are able to download third-party or non-Google applications.


After the first iPhone was introduced in 2007, came the first innovative mobile operating system, created by Apple. User experience went beyond that of other operating systems, this was simply down to the design and simplicity, this is why IOS has become the operating system that many users, globally, prefer.


Benefits of the App Store:

  •   All Apple devices are compatible with IOS apps, meaning once you have downloaded the app once you can use it through all your other devices.
  •   To get an app uploaded to the app store you must get past the solid security protocols, because of this there are no poor-quality apps on the app store.



  •   IOS is a closed operating system, only Apple products can use it, whereas Android is open, and can be installed on a great number of different devices. The majority of devices that are sold globally have an Android operating system, and because of this, the number of apps that have been downloaded are greater in Google Play.
  •   Android may be the leader in numbers of downloads and devices, but IOS generates a considerable amount more when it comes to revenue, 80% more which is huge, there are several reasons why. The cost of App Store applications is significantly higher, and users usually aren’t reluctant to pay for them, but on android it’s possible to install apps outside of Google Play which can influence revenue negatively.

The most downloaded apps are games, this is the same for both IOS and Android, making them the most beneficial to both companies

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